Keeping fit on lockdown

Friday, my one day off a week. I had it all planned out. An hour’s running round a muddy field with some friendly folk, do some shopping on the way back, have a shower then a long lunch in a nearby café.

The running round the muddy field bit was to be the highlight. I don’t get nearly enough exercise here and my body’s been atrophying over winter. I’m not in as bad a shape as these German soldiers, but was looking forward to stretching my legs.

I’m not one for exercise for exercises sake, and the idea of a sanitised gym fills me with dread. Outside of Afghanistan I’d keep vaguely healthy by walking a few miles each day to and from work rather than getting the bus, or better still cycling through muddy woods or swimming in the sea. Exertion preferably followed by a good drink. None of which is an option here.

So anyhows, was all geed up by the prospect of a muddy field in Kabul and was just leaving the house when I get a call saying we’re on lockdown. A possibility of protests in town over the reprinted Danish cartoons and new anti-Islamic film, so best to stay at home in stupefying boredom.

(Oh yeah, and cheers for those cartoons guys, your pursuit of freedom of speech and artistic integrity, not to mention your razor sharp wit and intelligence, well that’s just great. About as funny as the death threats you’ve received and the deaths of people in Kabul in the rioting last year.)

I was not best pleased. In desperation, I did what I’ve thought about doing on many an occasion, and knew I should do, but dismissed as too caged, too un-muddy to be described as exercise.

I did some press-ups. I’m not going to say how many. I tried doing some sit-ups but came closer to falling asleep. Working out my frustration, I ran up and down the stairs. Wheezing, I walked around the house looking for something else to do, and did some pull-ups on the creaking banisters. Endorphins overriding common sense and failing heart, I burst outside, neighbours and dignity be damned, and started running round the small, muddles compound.

Dear lord, what has become of me? Well, I’ve collapsed on the sofa for one, part of me thinking I should do that more often, the other part vowing never to be so foolish again and wondering where I can find some beer and crisps.


No problems in town yesterday, and I spent the rest of the day recovering my slothfulness reading a truly terrible romantic novel I found lying around. So all’s well that ends well.


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One Response to “Keeping fit on lockdown”

  1. Frida Says:

    I knew I should have left you one of my yoga DVDs

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