Spring’s sprung

It seems spring has sprung. Most of the snow in Kabul has melted, with only what are by now rather tawdry patches left on the higher mountains surrounding us. Water no longer freezes in the pipes and the threat of suffocating, exploding heaters is over, for now.

From the bitter cold of a month ago it has warmed up quickly, the snow melting into mud then drying into dust with surprising speed. I wear my coat out during the day only through enforced habit, and because I have yet to empty the detritus of several months living in it from its pockets.

The crisp air of winter is giving way to a sunny, dusty haze. Patches of grass are starting to emerge, mornings are announced by bird song, and Fridays by the sounds of kids playing on the streets again.

Sitting outside in the warm sunshine with one’s eyes closed, spring seems to be a time of optimism and hope. After a fairly bleak past few months, I’m looking forward to getting cracking with projects suspended by winter and with some new plans for the year ahead.

I was expecting another cold snap before it got warmer but it seems that’s not going to happen. But higher areas are still under snow, with many places remaining cut off. As all the snow does begin to melt, there are fears of floods and mudslides, and the warmer weather won’t bring much relief to places like Ghor where thousands of people will still be desperately short of food.

And at the moment in Afghanistan, the word ‘spring’ is invariably coupled with the word ‘offensive’ instead of with ideas of re-birth. Expectations of renewed conflict kind of take the gloss off the warmer weather.

Best just to sit in the sunshine with your eyes closed, ignoring the seasonal vagaries of war and listening instead to the sounds of a city shaking off a bad cold.


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  1. Tillyfj Says:

    Cool post., brother

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