More photos, of men




I have so many photos I may as well do something with them.

The observant among you will notice a slight gender imbalance among the photos I’ve put up here. These men expect their wives and daughters to put a large sack over their heads whenever they leave the house. Photographs of women, whoever the photographer, are usually out of the question. I don’t even feel comfortable taking pictures of women with burquas on.



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6 Responses to “More photos, of men”

  1. Faramineux Says:

    Give us a visit when you have the time.
    Our language IS photography!

    The drinks are on us.

  2. Frida Says:

    Ah, you are making me homesick for Ghor.

    Taking photos was something I did without always knowing why I did it. But now I have this little exhibit going up in NZ, all about Ghor, and it amazes me how much impact those humble little photos can have on people back home. So I encourage you to keep it up.

  3. ash Says:

    These people have faces with their stories and that is most important…whether we agree, disagree, are angry or happy or sad w/ them…they have a voice, they are important and the fact that you’ve placed your photos here…well, you’ve given them that voice.

    Thank you.

    If you dont’ mind, I would love to down load some of your photos to my computer…I love beautiful photography

  4. harryrud Says:

    Would love to be able to see your exhibit, but probably not going to happen. Unless you take it on a global tour? Perhaps we should both bring our photos back to Chagcharan in ten years time for a retrospective of some kind.

  5. Roberta Says:

    I have an exhibition venue for you in London — a room with a view! World tour, why not? And make sure you have a stop in Kabul as well. It’s too easy for gallery goers in capital cities to ignore what is under their nose, so to speak, a few hundred miles away. (Very true here in the centre of the universe, e.g. re floods in Hull.)

  6. Peter Casier Says:

    More! More! More! These pictures tell thousands of stories… More! More! More!

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