A meme with a view

I’ve been meme’d. It’s my first time, so I’m rather pleased.

From Peter at Road to the Horizon (who also kindly explains what a meme is):

“On your blog, publish a picture of what you see through the window when you wake up. Forward the meme to five of your favorite blogs.”

From my room in the guest house I’ve just moved into in Kabul. It’s looking south towards T.V. Hill, through the usual dusty haze of summer. (Coincidently, if I’m not mistaken Peter’s got a good story about setting up a communications array on that hill in early 2002.) I’m liking the tree right outside my window.

The room behind the camera is nice enough, though pretty bare with just a mattress on the floor and my unpacked bags, so that’s all going to need some work. And the house itself is OK, a small old building with a decent little garden and a happily lived in feel to it downstairs, a bit like a student flat. Not wonderful but I’ve seen much worse, and the chap I’m sharing with seems like a decent cove.

I haven’t had time to explore the area directly around it yet but it’s in a neighbourhood I know well and like – a quite, middle-class sort of place, within walking distance of a little market and some good cafés.

Just out of the frame of the picture is a small gremlin, down by the base of the tree. It’s been following me around since I got on the plane, though of course I knew it was about before then but just managed to ignore it. Every now and then it pops into view with a quizzical expression on, and asks me what the bejaysus do I think I’m doing coming back here, and why, and surely it’s not worth it, and why don’t I just go home?

I’m trusting that after a day or two it’ll settle down and stop pestering me. I’ll be too busy to be staring out the window, and anyway at the moment I’m pretty excited about the work ahead.

Instead of passing this meme on to others as I’m supposed to, I’m just going to leave an open initiation to anybody who wants to to pick it up. What you looking at?


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4 Responses to “A meme with a view”

  1. harryrud Says:

    I should have linked to this in the main bit up there but anyways, as coincidentally mentioned:


  2. Vasco Pyjama Says:

    Hey! That looks like the view that I had from my room when I was in Kabul!!!

  3. harryrud Says:

    Could well be the same house I guess, but I wouldn’t want to disclose my top secret location on here!

  4. Marianne Says:

    I think I’ve met that gremlin in the past. Responds badly to attempts to beat him down, will go away on his own if you don’t feed him.

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