Where I’m at

In Kabul, with a new job, settling down at work, meeting some new folk, eating well, washing behind my ears… so far so good.

The job is monitoring and evaluation for an NGO. Which involves monitoring the progress or lack thereof of projects, and carrying out more thorough evaluations of them at various stages. With occasional travel to different parts of the country. What it says on the tin really. Managing a small team whom I’m still getting to know but seem like a good crew, slowly learning the ropes of a new organisation, and getting on well with my expatriate colleagues.  So, like I said, so far so good. Am enjoying the work and have decided to just embrace the expatriate bubble and be damned.

All of which means I’m keeping pretty busy and have had less time for this blogging malarkey though will try and keep at it. But that’ll be all for tonight.


5 Responses to “Where I’m at”

  1. ash Says:

    good luck on your new gig.

  2. babasu Says:

    I do hope this means you’ve finally bought that penguin suit…


  3. harryrud Says:

    Am having my tailor knock one up at the moment. Actually, it’s a penguin suit / shalwa qamiz hybrid. Sartorial trend setting as always.

  4. A Says:

    I am working in Ghor and stumbled across your blog and pictures. This was a perfect procrastination tool since I have a report I need to submit. Thanks for the interesting articles and perspectives. Ive been here for about seven months and am really enjoying the work and people I have gotten to know.

    Anyway you have my email ( it is required), and it would be interesting to swap stories with someone else who has spent time in Ghor.

  5. harryrud Says:

    A – I know where you live. I’ll be in touch.

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