Tower of babble

Starting any new job there’s always fun to be had getting to grips with one’s predecessors filling system, especially if they didn’t have one and many of the documents you dig up are in a language you don’t speak.

Coming across one such document with an interesting title, I decided to try my luck with an online translator, just to get the gist of it. A part of the results I particularly enjoyed:

the communities are currently wait and want the cake and butter being paid to build or rehabilitate structures that will high impact on irrigated areas and even on their food security.

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5 Responses to “Tower of babble”

  1. Vasco Pyjama Says:

    Mate, I think I have now found out why the reports I have to read are so dodgy. They just put them through an online translator!!!

  2. harryrud Says:

    But better that then the thought that people would actually write like that?! 30 pages of it gave me a headache.

  3. Roberta Says:

    Yes, well., that’s why we still need human translators. THe report WASN’T written like that. It was written in something (if not perfect) at least much closer to a standard form of whatever language was used. Then it was mangled by the machine. . What I’d take issue with is your predecssor’s filing system — I’m dealing with the same thing myself. It’s not just a reflection on the individual, but on their line manager and the organisation that allows these habits to get embedded.

  4. Marianne Says:

    But which cake? What butter? In these times of a global food crisis we, the people, demand to know more about the provinence of these luxury food items and why they are being promised to communities that are currently wait.

    I also want to go to bed, and probably should before I make any more comments.

    I’ve been procrastinating for several hours on a presentation on Afghanistan that I have to give to the entire staff NZAID tomorrow. After a long day in which I already sent one letter to the Prime Minister with a big hulking typo in the first para I’m thinking I’ll just forgo structure and theory and regale them with tales of real people in Ghor.

  5. harryrud Says:

    Ohh, tell them the one about the the donkey, the hand grenade and the bottle of Iranian vodka. Or am I imagining that story?

    Writing letters to the PM hey? Wow. Send him my regards.

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