Will the persecution never end?

Oh, the injustices faced by the red-haired of this world! Centuries of persecution and a dying gene-pool, and now this…

A few weeks ago, I received a security report that had me smiling for the rest of the day. It contained the following:

“there is an extant, credible threat of kidnap against a red-headed member of the international community at present.”

As if the taunts of school children weren’t enough, the Taliban are now in on the act. Personally, I think they are jealous. It must get boring living in a place where everyone has the same hair colour. As evidence; note the tendency of certain older men in Afghanistan to henna their beards a bright orange. Clearly they want in on the act, and are now taking the pent up frustrations of their thwarted ambitions out on others, more fortunately endowed. It’s understandable, but such trichomania requires serious counselling.



5 Responses to “Will the persecution never end?”

  1. chris w Says:

    Surely you meant ‘a dyeing gene-pool’.

    phew! i need to sit down.

    you redheaded nincompoop. x

  2. transitionland Says:

    Ha! There are certainly some (plenty would be too strong) ginger Afghans, I know a little one myself.

    But, then again, red-heads are easy to stop and rare almost everywhere, so they could make easy targets. I can see that.

    The most random security update I ever got was one urging staff to stop putting articles of clothing in the office microwave. I mean, *really.*

    The best was an update on an incident nearby. A local man had a dinner party the night before with several friends and family members. At some point, a political argument erupted. The man screamed for his guests to leave, and, as they fled to the driveway, he got on the balcony and threw grenades after them. No humans were harmed, but two cats died, and the police confiscated a cache of weapons, including, significantly, two landmines.

    Fun times with small arms!

  3. ash Says:

    watch out, kid….! wink

  4. Kevin Says:

    That’s why I shave my head… and luckily my beard is mostly gray these days.

  5. Marianne Says:

    that’s just sped to the top of the list of my favorite security alerts ever

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