The ex-Buddhas

The really quick and easy road from Kabul to Behsud is too dangerous to take, so we’re forced the long way round, via Bamyan. So, on my last trip out of town I finally got to see Afghanistan’s premier tourist attraction, things that no longer exist: the Buddhas of Bamyan.

As I walked past them and inside them, truly marvelling, I couldn’t get the Monty Python dead parrot sketch out of my head.

This is an ex-Buddha:






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3 Responses to “The ex-Buddhas”

  1. Una Says:

    Very sad. The people of Bamiyan Province always seem to be on the losing side of things. Here’s hoping the winter isn’t too brutal this year.

  2. Vasco Pyjama Says:

    Ah, so beautiful. Did you overnight? I loved staying at The Roof of Bamiyan, and looking out at the caves. I never went to the caves because my ‘minders’ thought it would be too dangerous for me to… even though I look Hazara.

  3. harryrud Says:

    I wanted to stay there and eat the vegetable sushi I’d been told all about, but it was closed for winter so I dossed down in an NGO’s guesthouse.

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