Food and flattery

A while back I was asked by Michael Kleinman to contribute a Kabul restaurant review to his Humanitarian Relief blog series of ‘Where to eat in the worst places in the world’. An honour I was glad to accept, and promised something promptly.

Being slightly less than prompt (it was the damned proposal I tell you), he gave me a subtle reminder in the form of gross flattery. That made my day that did. I love the ‘slightly mysterious.’ So the proposal was put to one side and the review was written. It’s here.

Praising the Humanitarian Relief site now runs the risk of seeming like mutual back slapping. But damn the risk: I eat out at fancy French restaurants in one of the worst places in the world. I’m hardcore; I can deal with it.

It’s great. If you have any interest in humanitarian affairs and aid work or want news and analysis on the situation in the worlds slightly less popular tourist locations then read it regularly.

While I’m at it there’s a few other blogs I’ve come across recently and have been meaning to add to the sidebar so may as well mention now: Wronging Rights is an enjoyable acerbic take on human rights; Transitionland gives a great perspective on refugee resettlement in the US and much else beside; and the Thirsty Palmetto is an aid worker in a place I kicked around in for a little while (and, I’ve just looked it up, a type of palm tree. So now I know) whose writing I’m liking.

I’m now waiting for the job offers as a food critic to start arriving. I will accept any that will pay me to eat somewhere other than Afghanistan.


3 Responses to “Food and flattery”

  1. Phil Says:

    Ha. How do I get to do restaurant reviews? Man, that would be a nice job. I just read your review Harry – tend to agree with much of it. I loathed L’atmo at first, but within a few weeks (on a 2 month consultancy here at the time) I grew to love it. Love it? Maybe thats too strong. I certainly grew to rely on it though…

  2. Marianne Says:

    My favorite L’Atmo moments were Friday brunch – the set menu omelette with a coffee, a juice and a pastry. I would escape the Kabul compound and my all male house mates and sit in the sun with my laptop reading and writing blogs – the more girly the better. And they gave me endless top-ups of the coffee, so that by the time I got back to the house I was so wired I could motivate myself to get out the damn skipping rope…

  3. Michael Kleinman Says:

    Harry — thanks much, and the check is definitely, very much in the mail,


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