Elections in Afghanistan, indictment in Sudan

The shenanigans about the election date in Afghanistan seem like rather pathetic political posturing to me. It was never going to be April, just Karzai trying to cover his back. Especially in light of what’s going on in Sudan with the ICC setting off some fireworks by issuing an arrest warrant for Bashir. Who reacted like a petulant child with homicidal intent by kicking out a load of NGOs.For more, read Humanitarian Relief and The Thirsty Palmetto. Both argue strongly and convincingly against the ICC. I’m not quite so certain but then I rarely am. What I do know is that reading the latter has made we want to go back to Sudan. The good bit, as she says, the bit with beer.


2 Responses to “Elections in Afghanistan, indictment in Sudan”

  1. transitionland Says:

    Yeah, I’m not sure either, but I’m definitely leaning toward “bad idea” –in light of Bashir’s reaction, which was long predicted.

    That said, I think I will have to go homicidal on the next twenty-year old moron who blathers on about how the ICC is a tool of Western neo-imperialism, and Bashir is a poor, put-upon African/Arab leader just trying to defend his country’s soooooooooooovereignty, and poor Milosevic had the same thing done to him and blah blah blah, Chomsky Chomsky Chomsky!

    WHAM! Right in the family jewels!

  2. What if a genocide indictment would lead to another genocide? – Scribbles Says:

    […] indictment and its consequences for the humanitarian relief efforts in Darfur. Check what Michael, Harry, Thirsty Palmetto, Paul, Scott, Peter and Rob have to say. (and check AidBlogs for […]

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