Kabul in The City

I’ve been enjoying reading news reports about the planned protests in London for the G20. I do like a good protest I do. What I particularly like is the news that the police are advising workers in the City to dress-down, adopt a low-profile and, if they do have to go into work, go at different times to avoid arriving on mass. It sounds like working in Kabul: keeping a low profile, altering times and routes of trips to not set patterns, moving in fear of the unknown faceless hordes and forces of chaos and terror and bloody socialists outside.

Almost makes me homesick, but I don’t know for which home. The whole thing is making me a little muddled as I imagine the City Suits walking to work in Kabul and turbaned grey beards stepping off the bus outside the Bank of England chaperoned by the Metropolitan Police riding Humvees, anarchists doing battle with the Afghan National Police and a haze of tear gas over the whole scene.


One Response to “Kabul in The City”

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