Security stats

The good people at the Afghanistan NGO Security Organisation (ANSO) have released the match stats for the first quarter of the 2009 battle between good and evil. As most ANSO reports are supposed to stay within the NGO community, I don’t get to say it often, but ANSO are great and even greater for making this report open source so it can be shared with all and sundry.

Ghosts of Alex has made it available here.

The nub of the matter:

“All data confirms ongoing, widespread and intensifying war.” No shit Sherlock.

The highlights:

Civilians continued to get killed a lot more than any other group (342 fatalities in the first quarter of 2009), with an honourable mention to the Police for coming in second.

The Afghan National Army and the Foreign Army have put in a poor showing, staying mostly alive, while NGO and UN workers pulled up in last.

International Military Forces can proudly claim to have caused a higher percentage of all civilian fatalities in the first quarter of 2009 than the same period of 2008, up from 19% to 32%. However, they’re still lagging way behind Armed Opposition Groups and criminals in the league tables (AOG 2: IMF 1).

The biggest cause of getting killed for NGO workers is SAF. Can you imagine the indignity of getting killed by a three letter acronym? Shocking. Thankfully, SAF mostly occurs on the road so travelling without the Encyclopaedia of Commonly Used Acronyms (ECUA) may mean you never know what hit you. 

In the charity match between Nationals vs Internationals, Nationals get killed in office compounds 9-0. This may suggest a disparity in the protective measures NGOs take with compounds depending on the nationality of who is living there, or that the referee’s a wanker.


5 Responses to “Security stats”

  1. transitionland Says:

    Sounds like a lovely time to plop myself down in Kabul!

  2. harryrud Says:

    does that mean you’re on your way?

  3. transitionland Says:

    ::bites nails::

  4. Cyrus Says:

    Great article… Really miss Afghanistan… Trying to get back as soon as possible…

    What’s SAF ?? 🙂

  5. harryrud Says:

    SAF = Small Arms Fire

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