Huntin’ shootin’ fishin’ (for jesus)

“We hunt people for Jesus,” the chief of the US military chaplains in Afghanistan told his flock at Bagram airbase. “We do, we hunt them down.”

Yes siree bob. We hunt them Taliban down and shot them in the head unless they convert.

As if the US military didn’t have enough of a challenge, it now seems, according to a video from a year ago that’s just surfaced on Al Jazeera, that some soldiers tried adding the distribution of bibles to their other duties.

I’m slightly incredulous, a little scared, rather amused, and not really all that surprised.

Good god but the US army make it easy to take the piss out of them sometimes. I guess it is a chaplain’s job to convert infidels an’ all, but then I’m now wondering if hunting people for Jesus is covered in the COIN doctrine and Human Terrain System gumpf.

The army have said “there is no effort to go out and proselytise to Afghans.” Bah, such half-hearted defeatism, they’re just not putting their backs into it.

This post is written in a hurry (with so many piss-poor jokes left unsaid, alas), so what Greg Julian, a US colonel in Afghanistan, told Al Jazeera no doubt applies here too: “Most of this is taken out of context … this is irresponsible and inappropriate journalism.”

Can I get a witness?


5 Responses to “Huntin’ shootin’ fishin’ (for jesus)”

  1. Roberta Says:

    Too many jokes left unsaid? The British Army has built a village in Norfolk, to practise the right kind of fighting, or, as tastefully described by the Torygraph:
    “An Afghan village with a mosque, markets and suicide bombers has been unveiled by the Ministry of Defence – in the middle of Norfolk ”

    Very flat, Norfolk.

  2. Phil Says:

    Harry, the US hunting people for Jesus is sadly, totally unsurprising to me. Islam is, after all, evil, according to conventional US Christian thought. The only way Islam is redeemed is by being co-located with large amounts of oil.

  3. ash Says:

    phil, before you go pouncing i’m curious-
    “harry”- what was the context of the military chaplin’s statement, i can’t honestly believe he was dead serious.

    then again who knows…

  4. harryrud Says:

    Ha, the captions on the telegraph photos of that story are gems. So maybe Norfolk ain’t much like Afghanistan (though parts of Helmand are pretty flat too), but those little touches make all the difference… like the (synthetic) smell of rotten meat pumped out onto the streets.

    No, not suprised. I haven’t been able to watch the videos but I think the chaplain was proberly being deadly serious, but maybe in a general over-zealous evangelical kinda way rather than wagering for a holy war in Afghanistan.

  5. Marianne Says:

    Hmmm – I’m sorry to say I heard things along these lines from good-ole down-home Christian boys in uniform all over Afghanistan.

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