Taliban discovered in fake cow carcass in Norfolk

I’m not sure I should be finding this as funny as I am, but ‘news’ that the UK army has spent 14 million pounds recreating an Afghan village in hot and dusty Norfolk has tickled me pink. The captions to the photostory are just wonderful.

14 million pounds obvious wouldn’t pay for a real life Afghan village complete with health posts, schools, micro-hydro power, public toilets, running water, parks, public library and swimming pool. But still, considering they’ve had to do it on the cheap with nothing but mud, they’ve managed a ‘meticulous level of detail’.

Even going so far as to emulate the smell of rotten meat, which must be emanating from these plastic sheep carcases hanging outside the butchers. Where a nice Nepalese man (wearing ‘traditional Taliban clothing’) serves kebabs and fries.


Thanks Roberta for pointing this out.

Elsewhere, news that Karzai has been re-elected. Plus a scary goat and great photoshopping.


4 Responses to “Taliban discovered in fake cow carcass in Norfolk”

  1. Roberta Wedge Says:

    Thrilled to know I am the one breaking news to your experts on the ground! Quotes from the article make the mind boggle:

    “the village is populated by volunteers dressed as insurgents in traditional Taliban robes.”
    *As opposed to traditional non-Taliban everyday-Afghani robes.
    *Makes me wonder about the definition of “volunteer”. Unpaid? Uncoerced? Military re-creationists who usually spend their weekends dressed as Roundheads and Cavaliers? Great ad in a Norfolk JobCentre: “Part-time job available: Taliban” (Later the article says they are Gurkhas, so that means it really is an all-male village.)

    He said: “The place is magnificent. I’ve served in the Middle East and the likeness is uncanny.”
    *Because Afghanistan is in the Middle East, apparently. Or everywhere populated by brown people in robes looks the same. Just another version of “Abroad is unutterably bloody and foreigners are fiends.” (Was that really said by David Freeman-Mitford, 2nd Baron Redesdale, or just in parody in Nancy Mitford’s The Pursuit of Love?)

    “We’ve sourced props from all over the world. ”
    *Yes, that makes it look really … Afghani.

    “We’ve replicated everything but the heat as there’s not much we can do about that in Norfolk”
    *Yes there is. Make the squaddies wear two sets of thermal longjohns under their uniform and body armour.

  2. TED Says:

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  3. Phil Says:

    I heard about this village, but I have now seen it. you’re right the photo captions are a hoot. But what a village! notice how square and true all the buildings are! man, that is hilarious. If that village is a good representation of Afghanistan, then my fridge is a good example of Iceland.

  4. kel cul Says:

    I think you should publish on the whole thing more often

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