With some extra R and a twist of R.


4 Responses to “On…”

  1. Christian Says:

    Oh, R&R. I thought perhaps you were a fan of the Rand Corporation. Or Ayn Rand.

  2. Roberta Says:

    If not the Taj Mahal, then where?

  3. refugeeresettlementreform Says:

    My first thought too was….uh, what about the Rand Corporation? Are you being forced to read a very long report in a short time frame?

  4. Ravi Goojha Says:

    You guys make me sick!

    Sounds like those midwestern types we come across, fresh from bible study classes, trying to change the world!

    When will you understand what the British found out a century ago. And the Russians realized to their chagrin..Get the fuck out of Afghanistan…with your bullshit INGOs shit!

    The Afghans will have to sort out their problems themselves…..stupid little white assholes can’t do shit there…

    Just like Cheney sent poor Americans trying to get an education on the cheap enlisting in the Army found themselves dead or damaged walking around the Vets hospitals…..

    You have no business being in Afghanistan…The Afghans will have to work out their problems on their own…..You with your two cents worth of INGO bullshit cant do shit to fix their problems…

    It will take a couple of centuries… but if they are smart they will know what is best for them….going back to Bamyan and being Buddhists…But it is for them to find out…..Not through your two cents worth of INGO shit!

    I live in NYC and I dread taking the subway…thinking ..is some crazy asshole going to blow this thing up? Or are they going to blow a dirty nuclear bomb in New York harbour, wiping out my family?

    This is real everyday New Yorker worries…Not some ass taking a swim in Bamyan or some shit like that!

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