I’ve just had a little holiday in Bamyan, where I tasted the tears of a dragon and swam in a lake of cheese. It was bloody fantastic, but more of that anon. Having stepped off a plane yesterday I’ve got another one to catch today. I’ve been stagnating in Kabul for too long so it’s good to be on the move again. Should be back online this week somewhen.


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  2. Matthew Devereux Edwards Says:

    Happy (belated) birthday.

    Bon anniversaire.


    Tanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu.

    с днем рождения


  3. Matthew Devereux Edwards Says:

    Are you returning to Kabul? What is the military situation in Kabul and surrounding area now? Which are the Taliban likely to take control of first – Islamabad, Kabul, Bexhill-on-Sea or the People’s Republic of Vauxhall?

    Where is Banyam? What are your next moves?

    The People’s Republic of Vauxhall:

  4. Matthew Devereux Edwards Says:

    The British Broadcasting Corporation (in the last days of the Mark Thompson era of hyper-inflated chief executive pay and post-Butler Report and post-Gilligan/Watts bullying of the BBC to the point where it has been largely toeing the New Labour line with endless banalities masquerading as news and interminable Jeremy Clarksonian programmes where little boys playing with little boys’ toys) tells me today that the US are about to launch a ‘major offensive’ in Helmand province. Unfortunately the news story contains no balance whatsoever with no alternative view, whether from the Taliban, local people or, moreover, those young British frontline soldiers who probably ended up in the army because they lived in areas of mass unemployment and mass incapacity benefitisation in order to keep the official unemployment figures artificially low and may not necessarily want to continue sweating away in a land they don’t understand and a land full of mines, opium trading tracks, and imminent regime change, but not of the variety mapped out in the Rumsfeldian Pentagon.

    The Soviet empire collapsed in Afghanistan. Will the American? What would Edward Gibbon have said (in between his bouts of elephantitis of the scrota)?


    The £64,000 question: when are the musings of Harry Rud going to be published in book format?

    I haven’t had such fun reading about the absurdities of colonial projects since my last engagements with Joseph Conrad.

    Here is the BBC’s agit-prop about the exciting, brand, spanking new offensive which, as far as I can tell, is very very offensive indeed:


    Do you have any recommendations for further reading on the history of Hamid Karzai and UNOCAL and the other members of the so-called Afghan ‘government’?


  5. Matthew Devereux Edwards Says:

    I have suggested, incidentally, that a BBC under a certain J.Cuffe would be infinitely better than the current incarnation.

    Suggestion met with a claim that a certain J.Cuffe would rather be a ladies’ loo attendant at Wimbledon.

    I treat that comment with five and a half quadrillion pinches of sodium chloride.


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