Band-e Amir photos

A few pics from my recent trip to Band-e Amir.

first sight of band e amir

band e amir

band e panir

I swam in that lake at the back there, Band-e Panir, a lake of cheese. And got a round of applause from the Afghan guys nearby for diving in. Oh yeah.

band e amir 5

band e amir 4


It’s with photos I often find my vague attempt at being anonymous most annoying, as I can’t show you the really cool ones of us pottering about in a pink peddello.


7 Responses to “Band-e Amir photos”

  1. Toaf Says:

    Absolutely stunning.

    I’m sure the pink peddello is, too.

  2. transitionland Says:

    Cut it out, Harry. This is just mean.

  3. Ibrahim Mangal and the Sub-Tribes of Zadran Says:

    I swam in a lake of cheese once, in Switzerland. People think cheese comes from cows or sheep. Little known fact: it doesn’t. It all comes from one big lake a few miles south of Zurich. That’s why the Swiss are so anal about immigrants entering their country (apologies to the Swiss, who, let it be said, do put on a mean cheese fondue).

    Wonderful photos. Do they still have those strange plastic swan-shaped peddellos floating about there?

  4. Toaf Says:

    Tee hee.

  5. Marianne Says:

    Dude – your photography skills are getting sharp. Beautiful colours and contrasts. I would however have loved to see you peddling about in a pink swan…

  6. Brian C Says:

    There may have been a couple of wars since – but looks like it hasn’t changed any great deal in the bit over 30 years since I was there. It is still well up on the list of the most stunningly beautiful places I saw on my (fairly extensive) travels.

    I don’t think they had the pedalos then tho’ 😉

  7. Bizzie Frost Says:

    Lovely to see your photos of Bande Amir – I saw them in 1976 and they still rank as one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I will never forget that BLUE!! Sadly, I have lost all my photos of my trip along the “Hippy Trail”

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