Kaboom in the ‘green zone’

A man drove a car down the road towards the entrance to ISAF HQ and the US embassy this morning, and blew himself up. Seven people killed at the last count, all civilians, with the Taliban claiming responsibility.

It’s a part of town I rarely visit but I happened to be in the same place yesterday, visiting a friend who works at ISAF.

In the various reports about the attack today, much has been made of the fact that it happened in a high security area; a ‘heavily fortified security zone’ Martin Patience on the radio next to me has just described it, ‘the safest street in the Afghan capital.’

Which in a way it is. But then again, yesterday I drove in an old Toyota Corolla – the most common car on the streets of Kabul – with no visible identification or security pass, to within 25 meters of the entrance to ISAF without being stopped or searched once. And not just because I was a foreigner. We could have got closer but I preferred to get out and walk the last bit rather than negotiate the concrete barriers snarled up with large unmarked armoured vehicles.

To get into ISAF itself is not so easy, but that a bomb should go off where it did today is not as remarkable as the fact that there have not been more attacks like this. Security checks in Kabul may still sometimes appear pretty farcical, but the police and intelligence services have definitely got their act together compared with previous years. But it’s impossible to stop everything getting through.

It seems most of those killed were people walking to work at the nearby Ministry of Transport, and several of the Macedonian soldiers on second-line defence, and the Afghan soldiers outside the main gate, must be among the wounded. I was chatting with one of those Afghan soldiers yesterday as I waited for my escort to pick me up, a very young man, bored and friendly. Hope he’s alright.


2 Responses to “Kaboom in the ‘green zone’”

  1. Ibrahim Mangal and the Sub-Tribes of Zadran Says:

    I heard about this. I’m so sorry. I hope that soldier is ok as well. The fact that you were in the same spot a day earlier must also be shocking. The evening the Serena was attacked early last year I was a few minutes away by car, on my way to the gym. Somehow that proximity to such a horrific event makes it more gruelling and upsetting. I’m glad you’re safe. What audacity though, ey? It’s astounding they were able to get so close. Their rocket attacks are pitiful but some of these these suicide bombings are alarmingly well organised, so gruesome. Stay safe won’t you.

  2. Zartosht Ariana Says:

    This horrific attack and the numerous attacks before it continue because the US/NATO have empowered islamic apologists to govern Afghanistan.These vicious attacks should be used to awaken the islam-infested Afghans that their true enemy is islam as it is indeed the enemy of all mankind.ON a practical note,it is probably useful for all personnel to remind themselves every morning before they leave home that they are directly involved in a deadly struggle to defeat islamic fascism.At the darkest moments,it will be most useful to remind the Afghans that they did have a far more remarkable and respectful religion before the Arabs invaded this land and imposed this islamic filth down their throat by the sword.You know the Afghans are not Arabs but,did you know the vast majority of Afghans don’t know how they got to have Arabic names?!Afghans do not teach their true history to students there ;most of history they teach is false.This is one of numerous reasons why the Afghans are unable to stop themselves from being blown up since the Afghan society is based on falsehood and this is what the westerners need to teach Afghans if they ever wish to feel a sense of accomplishment there.Why not empower those Afghans who will work to change Afghanistan for the better instead of the islamic apologists and their corrupt sidekicks and thugs??!!

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