Night letter clip art and other snippets

A lot of effort goes into night letters. Not only do you have to find and watch your target for long enough to know what they are up to (and thus what they should be warned off doing), but the design of the letter itself takes a deal of care and consideration. Look at the top of the one below, for example. Now that’s some fancy clip art. Plus, they went to the effort of printing it out in colour, no easy task in the wilds of Afghanistan. Aesthetics are important when threatening to kill someone.

Night letter clip art

In my honour (I assume), a soundtrack to my forthcoming departure and return home.

There was a huge storm a few nights ago. After going for a midnight swim in Jalalabad, I was kipping on the roof watching it role in, the sky blazing with lightning. Just as I was nodding off, wind and rain came lashing down in torrential torrents. After a little strobe-lit dance I was soaked to the skin and forced inside, where a frog came and slept on me.

While I’m away I’m handing over all saving-Afghanistan-through-blogging duties to the charming Captain Cat and her legion of sub-tribes. Cap’n Cat (in Afghanistan one assumes a soldiery sort of Captain, but I always prefer the more piratical kind) throws babies down karezes in Gardez and stuffs ballot boxes on behalf of the IEC.

Now back to writing my epic hand-over notes.


12 Responses to “Night letter clip art and other snippets”

  1. Alanna Says:

    Is that candy corn? A spoonful of sugar makes the death threat go down in the most delightful way?

  2. Wii Funny Safety Clip | Wii Virtual Console Says:

    […] Night letter clip art and other snippets « harry rud […]

  3. Zartosht Ariana Says:

    Not a single Taliban is capable of producing such a Night letter,you can be certain of this.Only the ultra crafty Pakis can do this kind of work.Until the Pakis are definitively stopped from their proxy war in Afghanistan through the Taliban, there will be no peace there.You can take this to the bank,guaranteed.

  4. Captain Cat Says:

    What? What’s all this about taking over blogging duties? I have agreed to no such thing. And I don’t know what you mean about throwing babies down karezes, that is simply not true. I may have accidentally pushed a few down there, but that’s it. And as for stuffing ballot boxes… I…er, well that’s not true either.

    Oh come on, everyone has their price. I’ve been promised a lovely little plot of land behind Spinney’s supermarket in Wazir Akbar Khan. Worth a few stuffed ballot boxes, eh? Hah! Bet you wish you’d got in there first. Contacts, Harry. Friends in high places. Still, we can talk when you get back. The Spanish restaurant sounds wonderful by the way.

  5. North Pacific Observer Says:

    Harry – it won’t be the same without you there – NPO

  6. transitionland Says:

    Harry, your imminent departure from the Afgblogosphere is making me saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. And angry!

    Very angry.

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  8. The taste of ashes « Transitionland Says:

    […] now for some absurdity: Harry Rud weighs in on clip art for night letters. In the comments, Alanna astutely observes that the choice clip art for the letter pictured is, […]

  9. Toper Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing!! 🙂 Have a SUPER weekend!

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