Hell’s teeth

Zibahkhana, or Hell’s Ground in English: Pakistan’s first gore flick, with possibly the best advertising posters ever.




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7 Responses to “Hell’s teeth”

  1. Pete McP Says:

    have you seen it?
    can you bring back a copy?

  2. Marianne Says:

    The “Burkaman”? I’ll never be able to go back to Afghanistan now – IEDs never gave me nightmares but this would, no doubt about it.

  3. Vasco Pyjama Says:

    All I can say is that I am glad it’s not Burkawoman.

    And — Oh! Look! It’s Marianne! *rushes to read Marianne’s blog*.

  4. ash Says:

    wow, these are amusing…i can’t decide what i think…it’s comical irony in a disturbing way or something.

  5. Captain Cat Says:

    All you tomatoes out there, be scared, be very scared. And scarred. Then mashed to a pulp.

  6. Zartosht Ariana Says:

    Hey ,do you think the situation of women and bondage in an Islamic fascist system is funny or to be mocked and laughed at??If we keep our focus properly placed,you will see this film as a commercial flick with little or no relevance to denial of liberty for more than half the population.Ok,we all need some laughter or something to laugh at our own stupidity;the plight of women under islamic fascism is not one of them.Women who are involved in helping Afghans be better off not seeing this movie so they don’t get discouraged or frightened in any way as they are badly needed to bring positive changes to this very dark society.I suggest someone come up with a mocking show about mullahs and other religious figures who with a few exceptions are invariably child molesters when the young ones are sent to the mosque to learn the quran every day.Afghans hide most nuances of their lives so outsiders don’t know the grotesque details;see if you can penetrate these!!

    • Mondo Pete Says:

      Be nice if you would actually SEE the movie before leaping to conclusions about it. I believe it has much relevance to discussions about denial of liberty. I’m the producer, by the way, so maybe biased

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