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Average life expectancy in Afghanistan

February 23, 2008

There’s a black, black humour in the article below:

The Afghan health minister has rejected as inaccurate an Al-Jazeera TV report about the average life expectancy of an Afghan. He claimed the figure given by the news channel was lower.

Dr. Muhammad Amin Fatemi said on Tuesday that Al- Jazeera TV put the average age of an Afghan at 42 years in a report broadcast this week. The Afghan government and the World Health Organisation (WHO) considered the report as wrong, he added.

According to the Ministry of Public Health and WHO, the minister added, the average age in Afghanistan was 45 years. He said Al-Jazeera used information of 30 years back which was not acceptable to Afghan government.

Fatemi recalled that a survey – jointly conducted by MoPH and WHO in 1972 – found the average life expectancy at 42 years. But a fall in the mother mortality rate and better access to health services, he continued, saw the average age of an Afghan go up to 45 years.

By Mustafa Basharat

In 30 years, Afghanistan’s life expectancy has gone up three years. That’s not funny, I know, not in the slightest. It is shockingly appalling. But to be honest, the minister’s response did bring forth a grim chuckle. I mean, get it right guys, its 45, not 42.